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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate free water?

The free water clearance is given by [7.6.7] C H 2 O = Q U (1 − U osm P osm) where CH2O is the free water clearance, QU is the urine flow, Uosm is the total osmolarity of urine, and Posm is the total osmolarity of plasma.

How to calculate the free water deficit?

This free water deficit calculator addresses the water Na balance and is often used in the management of hypernatremia. The formulas used to calculate the amount of free water required to balance the deficit are: Free water deficit = TBW x (measured Na+/ideal Na+ – 1) Where: TBW is total body water = correction factor x weight in kg.

How do you calculate free water deficit?

The free water deficit is then calculated by taking the resulting value and multiplying it by the total weight of the body in kilograms. It is then further multiplied by a reference number, typically 0.6 for men and 0.5 for women, to attain the free water deficit.

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