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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft essential for Windows 7?

– Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus software for windows 7. Though there are several antivirus products for windows, microsoft decided to release its own free antivirus software for home users and small businesses! It is not only free but is also an excellent alternative to several commercial and free PC security products.

Does Windows 7 include Microsoft Office?

While both Windows 7 and MS Office are Microsoft programs, they are separate products. Windows 7 is an operating system, while Office is a productivity suite. A trial of MS Office is usually included in new Windows computers, but you will need to purchase the full license to use Office after the trial period.

Does Windows 7 have Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are two separate software packages and Microsoft Word is a software under the latter. Windows 8 does not has pre-installed or bundled Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word. I have used/installed Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and recently 10.

How do I format Windows 7?

Detailed tutorial about how to format hard disk windows 7: Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the search box and press Enter to open Windows 7 Disk Management With Disk Management open, right click the drive you want to format and select Format In the next screen, either enter a name to the drive or leave it in the Volume label textbox. Click OK to perform.

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