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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cage culture?

Cage Culture. A cage or net pen is a system that confines the fish or shellfish in a mesh enclosure. By strict definition, a cage and a net pen differ based on their construction. A cage has a completely rigid frame (on all sides) and a net pen has a rigid frame only around the top. However, the terms “cage” and “net pen” are often used...

What is the definition of Cage?

cage - an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals can be kept.

Can a cage be too big?

A cage is never too big as long as the bar spacing is small enough and it can fit where you need to put it (well, height could be an issue if you're short like me). More room = more fun and exercise for the bird while it's in the cage.

What is the acronym for Cage?

The CAGE (acronym) is a 4-item questionnaire that can indicate potential problems with alcohol abuse.

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