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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cabana stand for?

What does cabana. mean? - Definition of cabana. - cabana. stands for Sp. 1. A hotel room which is a separate building, typically near the beach or a pool.

Can you rent a cabana on the beach?

Cabana, beach chair and sun umbrellas are available for daily rent. None of the rentals can be reserved in advance. They are all first come, first served. Most are handled by the same company along the beach and have the same rental prices. A few hotels offer their own rentals with varying prices.

What is the size of the Cabana Room?

Cabanas vary widely in terms of size. A small cabana may be as diminutive as four by four feet (1.2 by 1.2 meters), resembling a small bathroom. A large cabana, on the other hand, may be as large as a hospitality suite, coming in at about 40 by 80 feet (12.2 by 24.4 meters).

What is a cabana home?

Cabana Home is an interior design studio and home furnishings store based in Santa Barbara, CA. We help you define a sophisticated look that is both comfortable and practical.

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