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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is C-Murder now?

More than a week after the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned his second-degree murder conviction, rapper C-Murder is out of prison and back in his Louisiana home under house arrest. Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller and who now goes by C Miller, was released on $500,000 bond Monday night, according to his lawyer, Ron Rakosky.

Is Cyntoia Brown still in jail?

Cyntoia Brown Is Freed From Prison in Tennessee. Ms. Brown, 31, was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man while she was a teenage sex trafficking victim. She was granted clemency in January.

Why was C-Murder charged with murder?

This incident wasn’t the first time C-Murder was accused of drawing out his weapon in anger. Apparently, in 2001, he had tried to shoot a club owner in Baton Rouge, who had denied him admission in the establishment with his firearm in tow. Thus, on February 28, 2002, C-Murder was indicted on the charges of murder.

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