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Frequently Asked Questions

What is byway?

Definition of byway 1 : a little traveled side road 2 : a secondary or little known aspect or field meandering more and more in the fascinating byways of learning — The Times Literary Supplement (London) Examples of byway in a Sentence

What is a restricted byway?

In 2000 the legal term 'restricted byway' was introduced to cover rights of way along which it is legal to travel by any mode (including on foot, bicycle, horse-drawn carriage etc.) but excluding 'mechanically propelled vehicles'. A byway sign – photographed at Blackmile Lane, Grendon, Northants. Byway open to all traffic in Somerset.

What is the meaning of see by way?

See by (adj.), way 1 From byway s that connect multiple adventure capitals to remote stretches that take you to stunning vistas far from the crowds, we’ve chosen our favorite scenic roadway in every state to help you plan your next drool-worthy drive.

How do you know if a byway is open to all traffic?

A byway open to all traffic is sometimes waymarked using a red arrow on a metal or plastic disc or by red paint dots on posts and trees. On 2 May 2006 the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 reclassified all remaining roads used as public paths as restricted byways.

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