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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BW stand for?

Acronym Definition BW Black & White BW Bandwidth BW Business Week BW Best Western (hotel chain) 74 more rows ...

Is BW a good school?

Whatever your calling, you'll graduate with the diverse and practical skill set to impress the nation's top employers and graduate programs. If you are undecided about a major, BW is the perfect place to discover the areas you're passionate about.

What's new at BW?

The 14 distinguished Yellow Jacket athletes were formally inducted and honored during a winning weekend. BW's music industry program scored the hot ticket that enabled 50 students in several related majors to attend. The upgrades will include improved creature comforts like air conditioning and specialized student programming.

What is a Baab degree at BW?

BW's degree completion program provides a way for adult learners to earn a bachelor of applied arts in business (BAAB), which is designed to build upon the applied skills and competencies gained from work and life experience. Additional programs at BW can be completed entirely through evening, online and hybrid courses.

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