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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flute for a beginner?

Both a beginner and student model flute will most likely be made out of a nickel and silver alloy which it is far more durable than silver alone. The most popular plating for a flute is silver because of its brilliance, while nickel-plated flutes are a more affordable option.

What is the best intermediate flute brand?

5 Best Intermediate Flute Reviews and the Best Intermediate Flute Brands Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Flute. For whichever purpose you want to purchase a flute, whether for a loved one or yourself, this flute is an ideal target for you. Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute. You may have a clue of how well regarded the Yamaha products are. ... Mendini Silver Plated Intermediate Flute. ... Gemeinhardt 3OB Intermediate Flute. ... More items...

Is the flute a good instrument to learn?

There are plenty of reasons why the flute is a good instrument to learn. It's small, it's lightweight, it's popular, it's played in almost every ensemble group, it's affordable, it's easy to put together and take apart...the list goes on.

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