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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tommy Tuberville?

In Florida, Sen. Rick Scott sold an eight-figure investment in an industrial-parts company. Freshman Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, is one of Congress' most vocal critics of China's government.

Does Tom Tuberville have a financial advisor?

"Senator Tuberville has long had financial advisors who actively manage his portfolio without his day-to-day involvement," Tuberville's spokesperson told CNBC on Wednesday when asked about his December share purchases, echoing the response from the senator's office to questions about his shares in June.

Did Tommy Tuberville own stock in a Chinese company?

Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville is a vocal critic of China's government. He also owned stock in a Chinese company with Communist Party ties. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email.

Did Tuberville violate the STOCK Act?

Tuberville, a newly disclosed financial disclosure report reveals, failed as required by the STOCK Act to file disclosures of about 130 stock and stock options trades executed from January through May within a maximum 45-day window mandated by that law, which applies to members of Congress.

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