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Frequently Asked Questions

What nursing jobs offer sign-on bonuses?

Allegheny Health Network in Pennsylvania offers $15,000 sign-on bonuses and many nursing jobs in Indiana offer $7,500 sign-on bonuses. Others are offering bonuses to current nurses, hiking pay, and offering more pay for those willing to work extra shifts, according to TribLive.

Why are bonuses so expensive?

"Given that these financial incentives are driven by workers' power in the labor market today, the prevalence of bonuses will remain at elevated levels as job openings are likely to remain high and workers continue to explore new career opportunities," Pardue said in an email.

Are sign-on bonuses the answer to the nursing shortage?

Something is loading. As states are gripped by a dire nursing shortage, some hospitals are offering sign-on bonuses of up to $40,000, better benefits, and hefty hourly rates to lure nurses through the doors.

What percentage of paychecks on Gusto include a bonus?

"On Gusto's platform, 14% of all paychecks included a bonus, compared to 11% in November 2020 – and the average size of that bonus has more than tripled, from an average of $552.06 in November 2020 to $1,674.78 in November 2021," Gusto wrote in a post.

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