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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell your business in Vanuatu?

To sell your business in Vanuatu, register an account with Easy Buy Sell Business and start posting your Vanuatu business for sale to expose to potential buyers to contact you directly. Totally free business for sale ads listing and no fees involved.

What are the biggest industries in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu, which is situated in the South Pacific Ocean, is a nation comprising of several islands. The country’s economy is developing well, and the sectors that are dominant here are the financial services and agriculture. The agriculture sector has been growing and employs more than half of its inhabitants.

How many hotels are listed on smergers in Vanuatu?

There are 3 active and verified hotels and resorts for sale and investment opportunities in Vanuatu listed on SMERGERS as of 30 August 2021. What level of due diligence does SMERGERS conduct on the businesses/member?

Where can I rent space in first national Vanuatu?

Get in touch with the First National Vanuatu rentals team for further information. This huge commercial space located in the Nambatu area is now available for rent.

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