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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Humble Bundle reliable?

The Humble Bundle is a reliable source of good deals on games, usually organized around some theme or another.

What is a bundle package?

A bundle is any grouping of products or services sold together as a single unit. A bundle might also be referred to as a bundle package, or simply a package. Bundles are often sold at a reduced rate, compared to paying for each item separately. For example, a set of related DVDs may be packaged and sold together...

Is Humble Bundle legit?

The Quick Answer Humble Bundle is a legitimate and authorized game distributor which means you won’t have to worry about purchasing dodgy or invalid keys. It has its fair share of customer service complaints online but our purchases there have always gone smoothly.

How does Humble Bundle work?

Humble Bundle works with developers to determine scheduling and availability of games, and make decisions about which games to include within bundles, asking themselves "will this be exciting for gamers", according to employee Richard Esguerra.

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