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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do BTS tickets cost?

How much are BTS tickets? Average BTS ticket prices began at $71 and range up to a starting price of $329. Depending on whether you are looking for VIP seats or some type of club level or premium seating, BTS tour ticket prices can range up to $1080 per ticket.

How can I get backstage passes to BTS concert?

Go as press. This is probably the most effective way to get backstage passes. When artists have concerts, usually in the contract, the concert promoter is required to give comped passes to the artist.

When is the next BTS concert 2022?

The BTS took to their social media and announced that their upcoming concert is slated to be held in March 2022. Read all the details below. BTS Seoul Concert Announced

What is BTS Army Day?

Permission to Dance, BTS' latest feel-good peppy dance track which was a heartwarming gift to their fandom on ARMY Day, i.e. July 9, saw the popular South Korean boy band collaborate with Ed Sheeran for the second time after their hit single, Make It Right.

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