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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members of BTS are in the butter video?

The world-famous South Korean boy band on Thursday dropped a nearly three-minute video showing its seven members doing a practice dance routine to a holiday remix for the May-released, and Grammy-nominated, “Butter” single.

What is the meaning behind the song Butter by BTS?

BTS “Butter” is a dance-pop song with lyrical confessions of sweet, romantic love. The fun and witty lyrics brimming with positive and bright energy will instantly uplift moods.…

What does BTS’s ‘butter’ remix look like?

BTS gifted its fans around the world with a holiday remix of “Butter,” and with a cute holiday-season video to match. In it, the performers appear to be in a studio whose back wall has a balloon display spelling out “Happy Holidays” decorated further with some wintry-looking wreaths.

When did BTS introduce butter on big hit melon station?

BTS appeared as the first guests on Big Hit's new exclusive Melon Station radio series, BigHit Music Record, on May 21 to introduce "Butter" and participate in a Q&A with fans. The single impacted American contemporary hit radio stations on May 25, 2021.

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