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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bestest test?

The Balance Evaluation Systems Test (BESTest) serves as a 36-item clinical balance assessment tool, developed to assess balance impairments across six contexts of postural control: mechanical constraints, limits of stability, APAs, postural response to induced loss of balance, sensory orientation, and gait. Link to Instrument. Area of Assessment.

What is the Bestest balance evaluation systems test?

Dr. Horak has developed a Balance Evaluation Systems Test (BESTest) for clinicians to differentiate balance into 6 underlying systems that may constrain balance: Biomechanical, Stability Limits, Postural Responses, Anticipatory Postural Adjustments, Sensory Orientation, and Dynamic Balance during Gait and Cognitive Effects.

How is the Bestest used in stroke assessment?

The BESTest is suitable for assessing balance in individuals with subacute stroke across many levels of functional ability, demonstrated by the distribution of BESTest scores.

What is the convergent validity of Bestest scores?

Excellent convergent validity between total BESTest scores and subsections anticipatory/transitions (r=0.85), reactive (r=0.74), and stability in gait (r=0.90) Poor to Excellent correlations between individual BESTest subsections (ranging from r=0.12 to r=0.68)

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