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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSc TESTNET and how to use it?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet is basically an environment for testing Dapps on BSC. It stimulates the whole conditions of the BSC Mainnet. All tokens that built on the BSC Testnet have no actual value, but for testing purposes only.

How to program Your Own BSc token?

One of the most popular environments for deploying smart contracts is Remix, so this is where you will be programming your own BSC token. Head over to remix.ethereum.organd go to ‘Contracts’ on the left-hand-side menu. Then, you’ll need to create a new file by selecting the top left symbol of a document.

How do I find the contract address for a BUSD token?

Token Contract Address: Check transaction in explorer. Look for the symbol name, ie BUSD. Click it and then copy the contract address. You can find the details for other tokens at BSC Scan Testnet, reach out if you would like assistance locating them

What tokens should I claim from the testnet?

Make sure you claim some BNB and also BUSD in ‘peggy tokens’ so that you have a range of tokens to play around with in the testnet. Keep in mind each wallet can only claim from the faucet once per time period which increases each time you use it.

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