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Frequently Asked Questions

What League do the Brooklyn Cyclones play in?

From their founding in 2001 through 2020, the Cyclones competed in the Class A Short Season New York–Penn League (NYPL). Brooklyn won six division titles and two NYPL championships.

What is it like to go to Brooklyn Cyclones?

Brooklyn Cyclones is a great night out, the venue is kid friendly and the mascots and give aways are interactive and fun. The crowd is hype and so are the Cyclone staff. The Hot Dog races is a crowd pleaser. The energy is ridiculously on high.

Who was the first cyclone in Major League Baseball?

The first Cyclone to break into the major leagues was infielder Danny Garcia, who made his debut with the New York Mets on September 2, 2003 at Shea Stadium. Scott Kazmir, who played with Brooklyn in 2002, made his major league debut with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2004.

What is the MCU's relationship with the Brooklyn Cyclones?

In addition to the naming rights, MCU and the Cyclones entered into a comprehensive 11-year marketing partnership that launches the Cyclones’ 10th season in Brooklyn. The partner agreement is scheduled to last until 2020.

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