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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from Brooklyn bedding?

Remaining true to its roots, Brooklyn Bedding goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, offering its expertly crafted mattresses, sheets and pillows at an affordable price with free online shipping, a generous 120-day trial period, and a 10-year hassle free warranty period on mattresses.

Is the Brooklyn Spartan hybrid mattress good for You?

The Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid is absolutely perfect for us! This mattress absorbs your weight while providing enough support that you don't feel like the stuffing of a taco. I've been struggling with hip pain, but after switching to the Spartan that morning pain is gone!

How much is a set of sheets and pillows on Black Friday?

You read right, our Black Friday savings are happening again for one weekend only. From: $240 Includes 1 Core Sheet Set, 1 Duvet Cover, and 2 extra Pillowcases. We deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price.

What do Brooklinen sheets feel like?

They feel heavenly on the skin. Like something from a fancy hotel or celebrity spa.” Is it a sign of successful adulthoodness that I am so totally excited about my new sheets from Brooklinen? If so, I am killing it as a grown up.” They feel heavenly on the skin.

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