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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Brooklyn bedding mattresses?

Brooklyn Bedding is an American manufacturer of mattresses, differentiated by master craftsmanship, a wholly owned state-of-the art manufacturing facility and exceptional customer service. Family owned since 1995, the company originated with two brothers delivering mattresses direct to customers’ homes.

Why choose brookbrooklyn bedding?

Brooklyn Bedding has its own beautiful factory (shown above) and builds its own mattresses end to end using their years of industry experience. This is revolutionary in the mattress in the box industry where most outsource their manufacturing to other companies.

Why Brooklyn bedding and Cerberus?

We know firsthand that Brooklyn Bedding shares a similar customer-first mission and is one of the finest manufacturers of mattresses in the country. The integration of our two organizations and Cerberus’ partnership will enable us to become a category leader that provides customers with innovative new products and first class service.”

What's new at Brooklyn bedding for summer 2021?

Summer 2021 Updates: Brooklyn Bedding's Aurora Mattress remains the most popular with it's luxurious feel and value. For customers on a tighter budget, Brooklyn Bedding launched their new affordable Chill Mattress.

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