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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Brooklyn bedding Aurora?

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora offers our coolest take yet on affordable luxury – the most advanced fabric on the market to deliver cooling benefits on contact on a mattress expertly crafted with breathable materials. Constructed with immediate response technology and individually encased coil support for exceptional pressure point relief.

What is the Brooklyn Aurora luxury hybrid mattress?

The TL;DR: The Brooklyn Aurora luxury hybrid mattress is perfect for every sleep position thanks to three firmness options. Foam layers ensure cushioning feel while a layer of innerspring coils adds stability and responsiveness.

What are the different types of Brooklyn bedding mattresses?

These Include the the Aurora, Signature, Spartan, Bowery Hybrid, and Bloom Hybrid. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid, a luxury hybrid model introduced in 2018. The Aurora is a high-profile mattress measuring 13.5 inches thick.

Can you buy a Brooklyn mattress in a store?

There are very few physical stores where you can try Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. Unless you live near one of the handful of states with a brick-and-mortar location, your best bet is to order the mattress online and test it out at home. Remember, you have a 120-night sleep trial! Is the Brooklyn Aurora mattress eco-friendly?

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