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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from a broker?

What to Expect from a Broker. The traditional broker is a "full-service broker.". As the name implies, this is someone who can handle all manner of transactions and provide information to guide your investment choices. Technically, if he is a broker, he is selling you products and services, rather than selling you advice.

What is a good broker?

A good broker is a qualified professional. That means having all the necessary licenses and registrations, a good deal of university-level work in finance, and plenty of experience. A not-so-good planner is someone who got into financial planning by default, or through another avenue.

What is agent vs broker?

Agent vs Broker. Agent and broker are two professions that do business by being a middle-man between a company, such as an insurance company or a real estate developer, to the customer. Agents and brokers facilitate the transaction and information between the companies and the consumers.

What is a synonym for broker?

Synonyms of broker. buffer, conciliator, go-between, honest broker, interceder, intercessor, intermediary, intermediate, interposer, mediator, middleman, peacemaker.

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