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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a breakout room in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams for Education Use breakout rooms to break students into small groups during class meetings. You can open and close rooms more than once during a session or move participants between rooms. Only meeting organizers using the desktop versions of Teams (Windows or Mac) can create and manage breakout rooms.

How do I create breakout rooms?

To create breakout rooms, you must be a meeting organizer or presenter who's been appointed a breakout rooms manager. Organizers or presenters must first join the meeting to create or manage breakout rooms. Go to your Teams calendar and open the meeting invite. Go to Breakout rooms and select Create rooms.

How do I create breakout rooms and participant assignment tasks?

Get an early start by creating breakout rooms and participant assignment tasks ahead of your meeting. Simply open a Teams meeting invite, navigate to Breakout rooms, and select Create rooms. Organizers can choose how many rooms they need and create them in advance. This feature reduces admin overhead and improves meeting efficiency.

How do I assign channel members to breakout rooms?

To assign channel members to breakout rooms before a channel meeting starts, you must first join the meeting: Open Teams on your desktop and go to your team channel. Select Assign participants and sort channel members into breakout rooms. Meetings with breakout room capabilities are limited to 300 participants.

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