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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams?

How to Use Breakout Rooms in a Microsoft Teams Meeting 1 Create Breakout Rooms. To create breakout rooms, start a video call, then click the breakout rooms button in the toolbar of the meeting. 2 Assign Attendees Manually. ... 3 Open the Breakout Rooms. ... 4 Return Everyone to the Main Meeting. ...

What are breakout rooms?

One of those entries that I’d like to talk about today is breakout rooms – you know the possibility to have a group of people in a meeting, then automagically move them to separate “rooms” and when you’re finished automagically get all the participants back to the original meeting.

How to assign participants in a breakout room?

In “Breakout rooms” panel, click Assign participants button. Choose the people you want in a room by selecting the checkbox next to their names. Select the down-arrow next to Assign and choose a room for them. Repeat the previous steps until everyone in the meeting is assigned to a room. When you’re done, select Assign.

How do I move attendees into breakout rooms?

Any attendees you don’t assign will remain in the main meeting when you open the breakout rooms. To move attendees into the breakout rooms, you have to open them. Rooms can be opened all at once or individually. To open all the rooms at the same time, click “Start Rooms.”

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