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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Br2O3?

- Answers What is Br2O3? Br2O3, as a compound, is an annhydrous, neutral molecule that is the most likely thermodynamic product of bromine oxoacids left to sit for an indefinite amount of time. In its most stable conformation, it resembles bromous acid, but an additional bromine replaces the hydrogen atom.

What is the molecular geometry of bromine trioxide?

It has the structure Br−O−BrO 2 (bromine bromate ). The Br−O−Br bond is bent, with a bond angle of 111.2°, and the Br−O−BrO 2 bond length is 1.85 Å. Dibromine trioxide can be prepared by reacting a solution of bromine in dichloromethane with ozone at low temperatures.

What is the molecular weight of a dibromtrioxid?

Dibromtrioxid PubChem CID 15779614 Structure Find Similar Structures Molecular Formula Br2O3 Synonyms Dibromtrioxid Molecular Weight 207.81 1 more rows ...

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