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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Br2 an element or compound?

Is Br2 a compound or an element? “Br” is the chemical symbol for the element bromine. This is the only symbol present in the given formula unit. The subscript indicates that 2 bromine atoms are bonded together. This is not a compound because the atoms are from the same element.

What is the name binary compound Rb2O?

Rubidium oxide is the chemical compound with the formula Rb2O. Rubidium oxide is highly reactive towards water, and therefore it would not be expected to occur naturally. The rubidium content in minerals is often calculated and quoted in terms of Rb2O.

What is the name for the compound Br2O3?

Br2O3-2. Synonyms. bromide bromate. Molecular Weight. 207.81. Component Compounds. CID 24445 (Bromic acid) CID 260 (Hydrogen bromide) Date s.

Is Br2O ionic or molecular?

The BrO2 1- sp3 orbital tetrahedral is known to be polar. Using the Kf value in your textbook , the molar mass of this compound. is ionic In fact, the electron is shared by all the four oxygen atoms and all the bonds between. Atoms, Molecules, and Ions. . acetic acid. The former is ionic, the latter is covalent.

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