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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Br2 a homogenous mixture?

Br2 (l) This is an example of a homogenous mixture. Air. This is an example of a heterogenous mixture. Dirt.

Is Br2 an atom or molecule?

Br2 is a homoatomic molecule, a molecule with same kind of atoms. So here the electronegativity of both the atoms is same so the shared pair is equally attracted by the two atoms. And it will be a covalent compound only. …

What kind of bond is in Br2?

Br2 is a diatomic molecule having two bromine atoms is a linear-shaped structured compound. Having the same electronegativity of both atoms, both share an equal proportion of charge. The atoms forming a covalent bond having equal electronegativity are nonpolar in nature. Therefore, the Br2 molecule is a nonpolar molecule.

Is Br2 aqueous or liquid?

Bromine is a chemical compound with chemical formula Br2. It exists as a fuming red-brown colored liquid at room temperature. It readily gets evaporate to form same-color gas. In the periodic table, it is positioned at the third lightest halogen place. Many people have doubts about whether Br2 is polar or not.

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