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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPH and is it dangerous?

Prostate gland enlargement or its medical term, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) involves the growth of prostate gland cells or tissue. Because the urethra is structurally in between the prostate glands, enlargement of the prostate may lead to problems with urination. So, the question is, "Is BPH dangerous?". Read furthermore to know the answer.

How dangerous is BPH?

Sometimes urinary obstruction from BPH is so severe that no urine can leave the bladder at all. This is called bladder outlet obstruction. It can be dangerous because urine trapped in the bladder can cause urinary tract infections and damage your kidneys. BPH and prostate cancer can share many symptoms.

What men should know about BPH?

When you have BPH, your prostate is larger than usual. The large prostate can squeeze the urethra. BPH isn’t prostate cancer and doesn’t make you more likely to get it. It’s a common condition, especially in older men, and there are a lot of treatments for it, from lifestyle changes to medication to surgery.

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