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What does the Bible say about bow and arrow symbolism?

What the Bible says about Bow and Arrow Symbolism. ( From Forerunner Commentary ) Revelation 6:2. The white horse and the crowned bowman on its back, embodying the first seal of Revelation 6:1-2, are all about religious communication. Like his fellows, this horseman has nothing benign about him—he goes out "conquering and to conquer."

Is a crossbow and bow and arrow the same thing?

Ultimately, bows and crossbows are really equal when it comes to safety, though safety measures for both of them are different owing to their variations in mode of operation. You can walk around with a bow in hand and an arrow knocked, but not drawn and need only worry about jabbing yourself with the exposed arrowhead.

Does the Zulu tribe use bow and arrow?

How come the zulus didn't use or have bows? Watching the movies of the zulus made in the sixties, it made me wonder why they didn't have bows. Pretty much every culture used a bow and arrow as weapon.

What do Rama's bow and arrow represent?

For much of the story, Rama 's weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. As such, bows and arrows in general are symbolic of Rama's great strength. This becomes particularly apparent when Janaka asks Rama to try to string Shiva 's bow, a massive bow that any of Sita 's suitors must be able to string in order to be considered worthy of marrying her.

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