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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more seasons of Bosch?

There are still two seasons of the series yet to release before the final credits roll. Yes, the confirmation of Bosch 's cancellation comes with the confirmation that Amazon renewed for a seventh and final season. It's not all bad news! In fact, Bosch has not one but two more seasons before the very end.

How many seasons of the series Bosch?

Bosch is based on the series of novels by Michael Connelly, which he has been writing since 1992 (and which number more than 20). Season seven is adapted from Connelly’s 2014 novel The Burning Room, which was inspired by a real arson case. As Amazon ...

How many seasons to Bosch?

With the exception of the first season, new batches of Bosch episodes have released annually in spring, with mid-April as the most common premiere window. All five seasons so far have run for ten episodes, and the sixth received an order for ten as well.

When is the new season of Bosch?

“The last season [of Bosch] starts Jan. 1 of 2020. That was pre-COVID, pre-George Floyd. There were a lot of changes in the LAPD,” he said. “Now we’re jumping forward 18 months, not post any of that but on the other side of that. So we’re able to bring all that into the storytelling.”

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