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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the people like in Borneo?

The much larger coastal population of Borneo is composed mainly of ethnic Malays who practice Islam. In fact, about two thirds of the island’s population is Muslim. It is the Malays who historically and currently have dominated Borneo both politically and militarily.

What is the history of Borneo?

Borneo was formed through Mesozoic accretion of microcontinental fragments, ophiolite terranes and island arc crust onto a Paleozoic continental core. At the beginning of the Cenozoic Borneo formed a promontory of Sundaland which partly separated from Asian mainland by the proto-South China Sea. [15]

What is the climate like in Borneo?

Borneo’s climate is equatorial—hot and humid with a fairly distinct division into two seasons, consisting of a wet monsoonal period ( landas) between October and March and a relatively drier, calmer period of summer ( tedoh) for the rest of the year. The average annual rainfall is about 150 inches (3,800 mm).

What is the largest island in Borneo?

The Indonesian part of Borneo, which is also the largest part of the island, is known as Kalimantan and is composed of five provinces. Today, Borneo is well-known for its rainforests, its multiethnic population, and its abundant natural resources, which are unfortunately being exploited at the expense of the island’s natural environment.

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