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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of bonuses?

What Types of Bonuses Are There, and How Do They Work? Annual Bonus. An annual bonus is usually based on overall company performance. ... Spot Bonus. A spot bonus is for people who go above and beyond and is "usually tied to a task that was outside the scope of your role," says Dehejia. Signing Bonus. ... Retention Bonus. ... Referral Bonus. ... Holiday Bonus. ... Commission. ...

Can bonuses be considered salary?

The short answer is no. Most bonuses are discretionary and an addition to someone's salary, making it practically impossible to force companies to provide them. And there's no real federal law that states you have a right to a bonus. If employment is at-will this means a company can fire you without cause or compensation.

Are bonuses taxed differently than commissions?

Bonuses and commissions are treated differently from the regular salary you earn and are referred to as "supplemental wages.". Although the same rates of tax apply to your salary and supplemental wages, the amount of withholding may be different.

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