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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 737 900 safe?

The Boeing 737-900 fuselage was built using safe aluminum material. The aircraft wing has a fail-safe design with an aluminum alloy structure with corrosion resistant leather.

What type of aircraft is a 739?

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739. A Lockheed Constellation L-1049 similar to the aircraft lost. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 was a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation propliner chartered by the United States military that disappeared on March 16, 1962, over the Western Pacific Ocean.

What is 737 900?

The 737-900 was launched in 1997. It retains the MTOW, fuel capacity, trading range for payload and also the exit configuration of the -800, limiting its seat capacity to approximately 177 in a two class and 189 in a high-density, one class layout. The launch customer Alaska Airlines received the delivery on May 15, 2001.

What is a 737 900?

The 737-900 is the largest and latest member of the 737 family , and was launched on September 10, 1997 with an order for 10 from Alaska Airlines. A 1.57m (5ft 2in) plug forward of the wing and a 1.07m (3ft 6in) plug rear compared with the -800 increases seating to 177 in two classes (maximum seating is the same as the 737-800's due to emergency ...

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