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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a verification code from PnB?

A Verification code will be delivered on mobile number, authenticate using the verification code received on registered mobile number. Set PNB Verify password (alphanumeric in nature) or enroll for pattern to login into the application or enroll for biometric for login into application. III. Transactions Within Internet Banking

What is the ABPN verifycert system?

The ABPN verifyCERT system provides you with the ability to identify physicians who have been certified by the ABPN (diplomates) and view the status of ABPN diplomates' certificates. Please utilize one of the search methods listed below to view this information. What do you think about board certified physicians?

What certifications does the ABPN offer?

The ABPN issues specialty certificates in psychiatry, neurology, and neurology with special qualification in child neurology. Diplomates certified in a specialty may also achieve certification in a subspecialty.

What does BNPT stand for?

The National Counter Terrorism Agency ( Indonesian: Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme abbreviated as BNPT) is an Indonesian non-ministerial government department that works to prevent terrorism. BNPT is headed by a chief, Suhardi Alius, who is responsible to the President.

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