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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose BIOMET 3i?

i Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with operations throughout the world, BIOMET 3i is one of the leading companies in the oral reconstruction market. Of equal importance, BIOMET 3i brings the same innovation, high standards and comprehensive approach to customer service, dental practice and laboratory support and education.

What is the exchange policy for Biomet p3iroducts?

BIOMET P3iroducts may be exchanged within 180 days of the invoice date for other BIOMET 3i Products of greater value within the same product family as determined by BIOMET 3i(ex. implant for implant, abutment for abutment, membrane for membrane), with the price differential paid by the Purchaser.

What is the osseotite Biomet 3iproprietary surface?

The OSSEOTITE Implant features the BIOMET 3iproprietary dual-acid-etched surface that is optimal for improving the clot/implant attachment, which may increase platelet activation and red blood cell (rbc) agglomeration.1

What is bigbiomet 3ioffers?

BIOMET 3ioffers one of implant dentistry’s most comprehensive lines of implants and abutments, augmented by a growing line of site preparation, digital, restorative and regenerative products.

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