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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bloodhub for?

BloodHub is Made to Order for Blood Suppliers and Hospitals

How to contact central Pennsylvania blood bank during covid-19?

Due to the National Emergency regarding COVID-19, Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank is making the following changes: Please call us (1-800-771-0059) and schedule an appointment at a blood donation center or a blood drive. We strongly suggest you schedule an appointment to donate blood.

What is central Pennsylvania blood bank?

Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank is a not-for-profit, community based blood program, committed to providing a quality blood supply, responsive to community needs, in a cost effective manner.

What is New York Blood Center's new online ordering system?

BloodHub is New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) online ordering system which will replace our current OrderTrak online ordering system in October, 2016. This new system will be rolled out in several phases and gradually introduce new functionality to allow maximum flexibility in ordering blood products and services:

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