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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bloodhub for?

BloodHub is Made to Order for Blood Suppliers and Hospitals

What does everyeveryday CBC do?

Everyday CBC hosts up to three blood drives on a bus where all blood drive activity occurs on the bus. We are also going out into the community with The LAB, a mobile classroom hands-on learning experiences on how the heart, blood and circulatory system work. Extraordinary People Saving and Enhancing Lives.

What does CBC stand for?

Community Blood Center (CBC), established over 60 years ago, serves hospitals in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as eastern Kansas and western Missouri.

Why donate to CBC/CTS?

CBC/CTS provides donors the extraordinary opportunity to save and enhance lives through trusted community-based resources for transfusion and transplantation. The new center helps fulfill the CBC/CTS mission of saving and enhancing lives.

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