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Frequently Asked Questions

What is New York Blood Center’s bloodhub?

BloodHub BloodHub is New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) online ordering system which will replace our current OrderTrak online ordering system in October, 2016. This new system will be rolled out in several phases and gradually introduce new functionality to allow maximum flexibility in ordering blood products and services:

Why choose bloodhub?

"BloodHub’s platform is extremely reliable, just like the people who stand behind it. They understand blood banking, and deliver effective improvements that add value for us and our customers." "BloodHub provides outstanding products that are easy to use.

What is the bloodhub integration with bloodrelay?

BloodRelay is also integrated with BloodHub so your team can be more productive. From high priority STAT orders to complex lab workups, America’s blood bankers rely on our paperless orders to receive what they need, on time, every time.

What is blood bankers software?

Software and service shaped around the needs of America’s blood supply. For more than 25 years, our founders have developed software for blood bankers, spanning the entire supply chain from donor recruitment and collections, to manufacturing, testing, and now distribution.

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