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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the blast Athletics app?

Imagine you are about to head to your daughter's club softball game, and you open the Blast Athletics App to get the game time and directions. While at the game, you are filming with your phone and catch a great highlight of your daughter running a double play, so you post it to that game's page on Blast and tag the shortstop and first baseman.

How do I use blast?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Blast is a sports network, much like a social network, that connects Athlete Showcases, Team Apps/Websites, School Sports Networks, Fundraising & Crowdsourced Coverage. Everything on Blast is searchable, making it easy to find and follow Athletes, Teams, Clubs Coaches and Schools.

Why has blast Athletics taken off?

Blast Athletics has taken off because our fundraiser does something that no other fundraisers do: give the family and friends who donate what they want. We learned quickly that the people participate in fundraisers very rarely want the product they are buying, but do so to support a loved one.

What can team admins do on blast?

This means that team admins can request, collect and track payments from team members on Blast. If a team member needs financial assistance, they can fundraise through Blast to reduce their individual dues.

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