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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peek-A-Boo hair color?

The purpose of peek-a-boo hair colors is to add some minimal shades of highlights to different parts of your hair depending on your choice of individual preference, and while it does add some brightness and a splash of color. While you can keep the other parts of the hair in their natural or existing color.

Where do Peekaboo highlights go?

Traditionally peekaboo highlights are placed at the bottom section of your hair at the back. It’s usually under a thick top layer of hair. However, others like applying their highlights on the left or right side of their head. These placements allow for a peek-a-boo moment whenever you brush up your hair or change its direction.

What color is January Jones's Peekaboo hair?

Even celebrities have embraced peekaboo highlights. Here’s January Jones sporting a refreshing shade of light tangerine hair with rose gold peekaboos. The shade brings out her huge, blue eyes as well as her fair skin. 8. Baby Pink and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair Color

Is Miley Cyrus' skunk hair a Peekaboo?

The peekaboo hair craze has been around since the 80s with Madonna and Debbie Harry and regained its popularity with Miley Cyrus’ skunk hair in 2022. Peekaboo is a hairstyle for everyone, but when picking your peekaboo dye, always consider your complexion, undertone, and natural hair color to find what suits you best.

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