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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Adam a good guy or a bad guy?

The fact that Johnson refers to Black Adam as a super hero is an interesting sentiment. After all, Black Adam has spent most of his long existence in the comics being distinctly villainous and fighting against the heroes of the DC universe—and even when he’s been portrayed as a quasi-antihero, he’s still been quite a nasty dude.

Is Black Adam good or bad?

Black Adam is a textbook anti-hero. Although he started his career as a straight up villain, Geoff Johns saw something in the character and brought him into the JSA while he was writing the team. Black Adam went from a cliche villain to something greater in this run and gained a lot of fans. He would go back and forth, sometimes acting heroic ...

Is Black Adam a hero or villain?

Black Adam is one of those characters who so often gets miscast by comic book fans. He is either seen as an out and out villain or as a true hero. The truth is that he is neither of those – he is someone who had great powers and struggles between using those powers for his own benefit and using them for good.

Is Black Adam a superhero?

With Johnson in the role, Black Adam will undoubtedly be a superhero unlike any we’ve seen before. Given the new teaser, Black Adam may not just be another superhero movie, but a supervillain movie where the “villain” plays the role of a captivating antihero. Black Adam can do what Superman can. But scarier.

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