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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bitters and how are they used?

Bitters are most commonly used to give mixed drinks extra flavor. Think of them as one of your bar cart’s secret cocktail ingredients. A dash or two of these aromatics provides complexity to cocktails like a scotch old fashioned. It’s believed that people have been adding bitters to alcoholic beverages since ancient Egypt.

Can you buy cocktail bitters in the US?

Cocktail bitters. In the United States, many cocktail bitters are classified as alcoholic non-beverage products ('non-beverage' meaning not consumed like a typical beverage). As alcoholic non-beverage products, they are often available from retailers who do not sell liquor, such as supermarkets in many US states.

What are some examples of cocktail bitters?

Some notable examples of cocktail bitters include: Angostura bitters – originally from Venezuela in 1830, currently from Trinidad and Tobago Boker’s Bitters – called for in many cocktails in Jerry Thomas' drink guide, many believe he misspelled it as Bogart's bitters. It is essential to the Martinez cocktail.

Are bitters bad for You?

Bitters are a fine stomachic, but they must be used with caution." Bitters prepared from the tree bark containing the antimalarial quinine were occasionally included in historical cocktail recipes, which served to mask the intensely bitter flavor of this medicine.

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