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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bicycle insurance worth it?

Bicycle insurance is a definitely worth considering. It won't just cover your bike for theft. It will cover it (and your body) for damage and any damage you might do to someone else!

What are the best bikes in India?

Yamaha Fazer is one of the best bikes in India. The upcoming Yamaha Fazer Fi V2.0 will come with a split seat, redesigned exhaust and updated instrument cluster. Also it would be available in new colors/graphics – White Cloud, Black Hawk and Red Dawn.

What does bike insurance cover?

Specialty Bicycle or Cyclist Insurance Coverage Examples Replacement Bike Rental when your bike is damaged Racing coverage Airline Shipping Coverage Access to bike shop partner networks which can be useful when traveling Roadside assistance Crash or accidental damage Damage or loss in transit Full Value Coverage* Medical Coverage* Vehicle Contact Protection

Does your personal insurance policy cover motorized bikes?

Yes, they are. The only place where you'd run into an issue is if they're motorized, then you'd need a special type of policy. As for regular bicycles, they're treated just like any other personal property under standard homeowners insurance policies.

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