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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Big Sky a Division 1 conference?

The Big Sky Conference is a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the NCAA's Division I, with football competing in the Football Championship Subdivision.

What sports are in the Big Sky Conference?

In 1974, half of the Big Sky's ten sports were dropped (baseball, skiing, swimming, golf, and tennis), leaving football, basketball, wrestling, track and cross country. Women's sports were added 33 years ago in 1988, moving from the women's–only Mountain West Athletic Conference (1982–88).

Which big Sky schools have won the most conference titles?

Boise State and Idaho State dominated in most years, winning ten and eight conference titles, respectively. BSU won seven consecutive from 1974 to 1980. Montana State and Weber State also had some good years; Montana won their only conference title in the last year Big Sky sponsored the sport.

Does the Big Sky have a baseball team?

The Big Sky is unusual among Division I all-sports conferences in not sponsoring baseball. The conference originally sponsored baseball in 1964, with all members participating.

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