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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Lots coupon policy?

Big Lots Coupon Policy: Big Lots does not accept any coupons, unless it is one that they have distributed. Any peelies or other coupons found on items for sale in their store can not be used. From time to time they will put out special coupons and notify you of special sales events through their Buzz Club.

Can I Use my Big Lots credit card anywhere?

No, it is a store card only, cannot be used anywhere now that Big Lots does not accept it. At least have your facts straight before name calling.

What does reward card mean?

A credit card carrying an incentive or "reward" for use, typically involving cash back, merchandise discounts or frequent flyer points. Many different reward schemes have evolved to encourage particular uses, such as grocery or dining purchases or travel. Compare reward credit cards.

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