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Frequently Asked Questions

Does big Lots sell mattresses?

Big Lots's Specifics. Some report that they may not last forever. In terms of mattresses, Big Lots sells 2 brands primarily -- Serta and their mattress-in-a-box offering, Zeopedic. Both of these mattresses have good initial comfort scores, but there are some that had issues with durability and quality.

How big is a queen size mattress set?

Queen mattress is 6” wider and 5” longer comparing to regular double size mattress and generally has 750 in² or about 15% bigger area but it is 1 foot narrower and 4 inches shorter in comparing with a king size and overall 20% smaller. Queen mattress is one of the best options for couple and with divided by two equal parts each person will have 30 x 80 inches (2400 in²) or 76.2 x 203.2 centimeters (15,484 cm²) personal space what makes it very suitable for even bigger and higher people.

How much does a Queen Size Mattress cost?

Price of a Queen Size Mattress. Actually, it varies and largely depends on brands and models. Considering all the prices we can say that the average price range of the queen mattresses is around $250-$5000. You can purchase at any price suitable to you either cheap queen size mattress or high price mattress.

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