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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cause of bias?

The roots of the gender and racial pay gaps run so deep into society, that finding their source has become difficult, to say the least. For all the advances humans have made over the centuries, old ideologies and values still have their hold on us, rising to the surface as conscious and unconscious biases.

What does the word "bias" or "biased" mean?

‘Bias’ means a treating people or groups unfairly because you have a conscious or unconscious belief that some people or ideas are better than others. You’ll often see the phrases ‘racial bias’ and ‘gender bias’ these days. ‘Biased’ is the adjective form of the word.

What are the sources of bias?

because biases can arise from innumerable sources, including complex human factors. For There are many different types of biases described in the research literature. The most 1. Selection biases, which may result in the subjects in the sample being 2. Measurement biases, which include issues related to how the outcome of interest was 3.

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