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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Euro 1 Lite bifold closet door?

The Euro 1-Lite sliding bifold closet door features high quality Italian designed and European inspired accents including a full-height tempered frosted glass insert. The Free-Glide top roll system makes this the smoothest and easiest opening and closing action we offer in a bifold door.

What is the standard size of a bifold door?

Bifold Doors Standard Sizes for Closet Bifold Doors: 1 2 Bi fold door units: 1'6" to 4'0" 2 4 Bi fold door units: 3'0" to 8'0" 3 8 Bi fold door units: 6'0" to 12'0" 4 12 B ifold door units: 9'0" to 18'0" 5 16 Bi fold door units: 12'0" to 24'0"

Why choose US door&more Inc for bifold doors?

We offer several Bifold Doors, from glass to closet styles in a variety of sizes. You can customize doors to achieve a perfect dimension for your opening at a low price from US Door & More Inc because odd size is our focus.

Can a bifold door be used in a closet?

Bifolds are put to use in closets. They are offered including a bifold track kit in addition to hinges. Our system can be used for 1" to 1-3/4" thich doors weighting uo tp 150 Ibs. This quality hardware can be used with two-door, four-door, or multiple door units.

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