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Frequently Asked Questions

How to express your best wedding wishes?

A wedding card is another way to express your best wedding wishes. These cards are either purchased with a pre-existing message or purchased as blank cards. This results in a personalized wish that can be a quote from a variety of sources. One can also express their heartfelt congratulations to the couple on their wedding.

How do you wish a happy marriage?

Wishing our lovely couple a great life, with bountiful number of special memories throughout. A marriage can bring joy and happiness; we wish you both a lifetime of happiness and peace with each passing day. Reflect on the love that you feel for each other today and keep loving and growing together as a family.

What do you wish for a newlywed couple?

Congratulations! May you do your best to build your love and trust upon each other with each passing minute. We wish that you express your love to each other every day and do not forget them during the challenges that life throws at you. It is great to see you both together so happy and in love on this occasion. We wish you a beautiful life ahead.

What are your heartiest wishes for the most adorable couple?

Our heartiest wishes for the most adorable couple on your big day. When in a marriage, never forget that your better half gives you all the strength to succeed in life. Wishing the bride and groom happiness and peace, joy and laughter in the journey ahead. A beautiful marriage is when you keep falling in love with the same person again and again.

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