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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go swimming in Paris?

You’ll want to arrive by métro Rue de la Pompe or Porte Dauphine. It’s also a good spot for diving as the main pool’s maximum depth is 3m70. In anticipation, nose clips, as well as swimming hats and armbands are on sale. In fact we struggled to find swimming related accessories that they don’t sell here! Angelo Pantazis, Unsplash.

What is the best hotel in Paris with a pool?

Paris Hotels with a Pool 1 Hotel Eiffel Blomet. ... 2 Maison Souquet. ... 3 Shangri-La Hotel, Paris. ... 4 Hotel Da Vinci & Spa. ... 5 Maison Breguet. ... 6 La Villa Haussmann. ... 7 Le Bristol Paris. ... 8 Hotel Les Matins de Paris & Spa. ... 9 Hotel Le Burgundy. ... 10 Hotel Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles. ... More items...

Is the Piscine Pontoise in Paris worth visiting?

The Piscine Pontoise is a beautiful pool located in the 5 th. But sadly closed for renovation until December 2019. So if you’re visit to Paris is planned for this year, it shouldn’t make your list. However, from 2020 this is by far one of the prettiest public pools.

What is the largest outdoor pool in France and Europe?

Home to the largest outdoor pool in France and Europe. On the island of Ramier in the middle of the Garonne river is a swimming centre called Piscine du parc des sports Nakache, named after the French Olympic swimmer Alfred Nakache.

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