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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beach for vacations in Cabo?

5 Best beaches in Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach. Of all the beaches in Los Cabos, this is probably the best. ... Lover's Beach. It's not exactly an undiscovered secret cove. ... Divorce Beach. No one really knows why it's named Divorce Beach ( Playa del Divorcio ). ... Chileno Beach. Another of our favorite Cabo beaches is Chileno Beach. ... Santa Maria Beach. We also love Santa Maria Beach for snorkeling. ...

Which beaches are swimmable in Cabo San Lucas?

Medano Beach is the only truly swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas. It's a similar set up to Los Muertos in PV (beach bars, etc.). Most of the ocean and coastline is too dangerous to go in the water in Los Cabos.

Are the beaches swimmable in the Cabo area?

Most of Cabo's beaches are off-limits to swimmers because the Sea of Cortez boasts strong waves and some powerful undercurrent. Don't let that ruin your hopes for some quality time in the water, however.

What to do at Cabo's top beaches?

Snorkeling. This beach is the most popular diving and snorkeling site in Cabo San Lucas, thanks to the Chileno Bay, underwater visibility is perfect for observing the sea life below. The clarity and beauty of the water here is reminiscent of the beaches you would find in the Caribbean.

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